Episode 2 - Kellie Hart Davis

Kellie Hart Davis on The Powerful Creator Show Podcast with Cheryl Sosnowski - http://www.thepowerfulcreatorshow.com

In this episode of The Powerful Creator Show, I interview Kellie Hart Davis. Kellie Hart Davis is the founder of FitThriveWorkouts.com and the co-author of Strong Curves: A Woman's Guide To Building a Better Butt and Body. She inspires women to create positive change in all aspects of life by getting them strong in the gym and the mind. 

Kellie talks about the positive side-effects of building a stronger body, about how your own power comes from you, when you show up and express yourself you change lives, and how to develop healthy habits that are sustainable for a lifetime.

If you have been wanting to "get in shape" this is a must hear interview that will change how you view fitness.

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